Why Swimmingly?

PAPER IS THE PROBLEM: Each piece of paper on the pool deck adds time and stress to YOUR volunteers. Your swim team will have a very hard time improving the experience for parents, swimmers, or coaches until you solve the fundamental problem of running a manual swim meet.

SWIMMINGLY IS THE SOLUTION: The app has everything you need to run each swim meet and the Swimmingly Clubhouse online runs your swim season. There is no need or hassle of integrating other hardware or software. There is no other solution created specifically for summer swimming!

Why Swimmingly is perfect for YOU...

Swim meets are shorter. Period.

Depending on roster size, your swim meets will be at least 30-90 minutes shorter!

You don't need as many volunteers.

YES! You can eliminate 10 volunteers right off the bat – if you’re ready for change!

No one has to manually score the meet.

All times are automatically sent to the Scorekeeper. That’s right! No more manual data entry. Sit back and enjoy the meet like everyone else!

Results & labels instantly available.

The app automatically publishes your results and labels to the people that need them. Instead of breathing down the team admin’s neck, parents immediately get the info they need!

“I was going to phase out, but no other parents stepped up to volunteer and I got sucked in for another year. I NEED other parents to take over!”

Anyone volunteer can download the app for free.

With your team’s subscription, anyone can download & learn to use the app in minutes! If you know how to use your iPhone or Android, your qualified to be a timer!

Never send a meet file, entry file, or results file again.

You know the person you HAVE to have help operate Hy-Tek? Yeah, that’s the problem. Anyone can use Swimmingly. And, it’s is the only system specifically designed for summer swimming!

Swimmingly actually operates the meet.

Say goodbye to stopwatches, clipboards, and stacks of wet paper. Swimmingly isn’t “another component of the swim meet” to learn–it IS the swim meet–all in one app! One day, everything will be an app : ) Might as well join the fun now!

Timers don't have the stress of starting each race.

Ever heard, “Wait! Timers aren’t ready!”? Alleviate the stress of all your timers by starting each clock from a single device (the Starter)!

Starter does NOT have to wait for Timers.

The app keeps the Timers caught up with the Starter, instead of the Starter moving at the speed of the slowest Timer. Never hear the words, “Wait, wait, wait, I’m not ready” ever again : )

Timers don't have to stress about writing results.

It’s cumbersome to stop each race, write down results, and reset your watch before the next heat begins. We ALL know this. It might be why it’s so difficult rounding up volunteers.

Judges can volunteer right on their iPhone.

No wet DQ slips, no hand-written process. Overturn and confirm any DQ right from the app.

You don't have to integrate with anything!

Knowing how to use/integrate software from the early 90’s is stressful for the average volunteer and coach. We have it all under one roof. You’ll LOVE it! YES, you CAN integrate if you want : )

Never hand-write or type results again.

It’s a miracle. No, its just an amazing app that will make swim meets that much more enjoyable. YOU DESERVE IT!

No runners, ever.

Runner: “A person who carries wet stacks of paper to another person to be manually calculated or typed into spreadsheet-style software.” Sounds crazy, right? Times are now automatically sent to the Scorekeeper with the tap of a button!

Still Not Sure?

Swimmingly is helping leagues and teams in 35 states and 5 countries run faster swim meets with less paper and fewer volunteers – and we want to guide YOU to your best season yet!

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