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Mobile Updates: 10/16/2018

1. No more Airplane mode! Your timers no longer have to be in airplane mode. Setup is now one step easier without airplane mode. Optionally, timers can use the “do not disturb” feature on their phone to block any rude alerts.

2. Previous season’s archived on Scorekeeper’s iPad. Avoid accidentally selecting a swim meet from a previous season. Now, you’ll only see the current season’s swim meets on your Scorekeeper’s iPad.

Updates below for v6.0 & newer: 11/09/2018

1. Starter: Starter’s device for Swimmingly™ now has a false start tone it emits to compliment the ability to recall the race. Control every start and false start directly from the Starter’s device via any PA system or your Swimmingly™ PA & Starter.

2. Starter: Test Relay Event now added to Starter. You now have a test event for both individual and relay events. Easily teach a new timer how to use Swimmingly™ and assign lanes during your timers and judges meeting before the meet starts by using the test events before the meet begins!

3. Scorekeeper’s iPad: Sort ribbon labels “by swimmer”. Now, easily sort ribbon labels you print by team, event, and by swimmer.

4. Scorekeeper’s iPad: Clear/Select All feature when printing ribbon labels or results. Now, easily select or clear all events when choosing events to print for your labels or results.

5. Scorekeeper’s iPad: Scorekeeper now notified if a swimmer shows up in the results of an event more than once.

6. Scorekeeper’s iPad: Exhibition swimmers now color-coded–toggling to exhibition for a swimmer’s results now easily visible.

Mobile Updates: 12/04/2018

1. Judge: Stroke & Turn can now travel to previous events for a bit more control during the swim meet.

2. Starter: False start tone added! Now, you can initiate the start and false start tones directly from the Starter. Recall the race or not, up to your processes.

3. Scorekeeper: Improved login and notification of the last time the meet schedule was updated on your Scorekeeper’s iPad. Login as a “guest” now if you just want to run a sample meet!

Mobile Updates: 12/10/2018

1. Scorekeeper’s iPad: Scorekeeper now notified if a swimmer shows up in the results of an event with the wrong corresponding gender.

2. Starter: Networking connectivity enhancement. The Starter now intelligently detects its connection status, automatically re-establishing connection when necessary without interfering with progression of swim meet.

3. All Roles: Updated setup instructions so that each volunteer will be ready for the huddle!

Clubhouse Updates: 10/16/2018

1. Export Champs Entries Directly to Meet Manager. If you’re league still uses traditional touchpads for champs, your league can now instantly export all your entries in the Clubhouse directly into Meet Manager with the click of a button. 
2. Bug Fix: Streamlined conversion & best times. On your lineup, we streamlined the performance for converting and always recalling the best time for each of your entries. 
3. Archived previous season results. On your meet schedule page, we’ve collapsed and archived your previous season’s results. 
4. Manage your club admins. Easily delete, edit & add new club admins to keep your users up to date each season. 
5. Custom entry times. Not only can you now choose any official time for a given swimmer’s entry time, you can override it with a custom time by simply clicking on the time during the lineup process! 
6. Seasonal/All Time Bests. For your entries, either best times from any previous season (“all-time best”) or use “season best” only to stick to just this seasons’ times. 
7. Transfer Swimmer Request. Upon request, we can easily transfer a swimmer from club to another.

Clubhouse Updates: 11/09/2018

1. League admin: Archive old event orders that you don’t need anymore.

2. Un-merge your own heat sheet: Now, if there are any last-minute heat sheet changes, the home team can un-merge the heat sheet with a single click!

Clubhouse Updates: 12/04/2018

1. Meet Check-In Sheet: Alphabetical roster with each swimmer’s ID. Perfect to use at the check-in table at the pool entrance when families arrive for warm-up.

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