About Summer Swimming

This is a place where you can learn and discover things about summer swimming. The strength of swimming is in its participation – and that participation happens primarily in SUMMER SWIMMING! However, information and help for summer swim team volunteers is fairly sporadic. We want to provide information and assistance for everyone involved in summer swimming to make life easier on YOU!

DID YOU KNOW? For every year-round swimmer, there are over 15 summer swimmers? That’s a lot of summer swimming families!

Do these sound familiar?

The summer swimming season is simply, ORGANIZED CHAOS!

New parents don't know where to get started...

There is no blueprint for new parents. When do you schedule meetings? How do you schedule meets? How are the swim meets operated? What can be improved and how can we make swim meets more fun?

Filling out timer sheets, recording results by hand, and managing stacks of wet paper on a pool deck is miserable...

Parent A writing manually recorded times on wet sheets, Parent B running wet sheets to Parent C, Parent C manually calculating scores, hand-writing results, or keying in data…YIKES! The stress and man-hours required for this “process” is mind-numbing!

Most summer teams and leagues struggle to organize/communicate in the off-season...

Getting swim team volunteers together is cumbersome – meetings are often rescheduled or changed at the last minute. YES, there are many leagues that also stay organized : )

Encouraging new volunteers to pitch-in is difficult...

Because information and resources are limited in summer swimming, each team becomes more and more reliant on “that one swim-parent” over time. It becomes increasingly difficult for new parents to learn how to jump in and volunteer, and harder for seasoned volunteers to pass the torch to the next generation! 

Getting parents to help and FOLLOW THROUGH on volunteer commitment is difficult...

Without an easy, predictable process, key volunteers on your team can be left frustrated by not knowing who will show up to help with the swim meet.

HY-TEK: Your team counts on that one parent who knows Hy-Tek Meet Manager...

Learning how to use Hy-Tek is time-consuming. It’s been designed for year-round swim meets and integration with touchpads, something most summer swim teams don’t use. New coaches and parents are becoming less and less willing to learn how to use archaic software. What are the other options to run a swim meet?

Find a coach you can TRUST...

As any swim parent knows, having a trustworthy coach you can count on each summer creates and fun and safe environment for young swimmers to grow up in the sport. But oftentimes, securing a new coach can become a last-minute nightmare. Access to the right network of people to find a great coach isn’t always available to summer swim teams.

Getting results, ribbons, and communication to parents is a hassle...

If you have a swim meet that is being run with stopwatches where timers are recording results on paper, you are setup for an information bottleneck. Timers have to record results, the computer operator has to type them in, and then the results have to somehow be disseminated to the parents. Don’t you think parents and swimmers should have immediate access to results and information? Bring new families back each summer by making them feel a part of the team!

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