Frequently Asked Questions

The Swimmingly app is an easy-to-use app that runs your entire swim meetThe Swimmingly Clubhouse is an easy-to-use website that runs your entire summer season (before and after each meet).

Swimmingly shortens each of your swim meets by 30-90 minutes and reduces volunteers needed to run each meet. Swimmingly handles the actual operations of the swim meet–on the pool deck (timing system, DQ process, scoring, ribbon label printing).

Here are the headaches the Swimmingly app eliminates:

  1. No more runners.
  2. Timers don’t have to handwrite time cards.
  3. Judges don’t have to handwrite DQ slips.
  4. Scorekeepers don’t have to manually score out the meet.
  5. The computer mom/dad doesn’t have to manually type in results.
  6. The scorekeepers don’t have to recalculate the team scores when there has been a DQ overturn or an error uncovered.
  7. Ribbon label writers don’t have to handwrite ribbon labels.


We will support both iOS and Android within a single swim meet:

  1. Starter (iOS)
  2. Scorekeeper (iOS)
  3. Judges (iOS)
  4. Timers (iOS & Android)
  1. Eliminates jobs altogether like RUNNERS, RIBBON WRITERS, and even TIMERS (also redundant positions like a 2nd or 3rd scorekeeper to check what used to be manual score calculations).
  2. The integral roles of a swim meet are easier and more relaxing.

Traditionally, timers have to handle a manual stopwatch, clipboard, wet time cards, and a pencil to hand write results after each heat; scribbling results down fast enough to reset their watch for the next race.  Swimmingly eliminates this pressure altogether. Timers tell us that they actually enjoy timing with Swimmingly.


You don’t need any other software or hardware. Swimmingly can run your whole summer season. All you need is:

(1) Your Swimmingly Starter Kit we ship you.

(2) the Swimmingly app (free to download).

(3) the iOS/Android device that is already in your pocket!

*For teams that like to keep a database of results, we ARE COMPATIBLE with other systems : )

Yes. You can integrate your Swimmingly results at anytime into:

  • Team Unify
  • Swimtopia
  • Active/Hytek Team Manager

Great new features coming for the 2019 season!


We believe the swimmers should have the satisfaction of their ribbons in-hand as they leave the swim meet.

At the discretion of the Scorekeeper, ribbon labels can be printed at the conclusion of each event, as the swim meet progresses.

Swimmingly ribbon labels print to any AirPrint compatible printer; see a list of AirPrint printers here.

Swimmingly completely eliminates “dead time” between heats — the starter is always free to start the next heat as soon as the current race is over.

150 heats x 20 seconds “dead time” = …think about it 😉

You can always save more time by combining heats or combining events.

The Timers will always know who is touching the wall at the finish of the race! You don’t HAVE to abide by the heat sheet at all times : )

Of course!

We will ship you a Starter Kit that includes an outdoor WiFi router.  This connects all your devices together on the pool deck and using the app to run your meet does not require any internet connection. Simply plug-in the router and you are ready to go.

Learning how to use Swimmingly is easy!

Once your swim club signs up for Swimmingly, your club has access to training in several different ways.

  • Your Plan for this Summer
  • Self-service resources online (videos and tutorials)
  • Opportunity to schedule a training session for your club (with a friendly Swimmingly team member)
  • Training Webinars at checkpoints leading up to each summer season!
  • Direct assistance at team@swimmingly.app
  • Phone support: (866) 377-7946 (SWIM)

We ship (12) waterproof/universal lanyards with each Starter Kit.  The pouch keeps your device sealed and protected from any splashing. The lanyard keeps your device securely around your neck similar to a stopwatch. Your device is fully functional within the pouch.

No! If your team is looking for better, easier ways to run your meets, nothing is stopping you. Be the hero for your league. Most of our leagues have begun with single teams/divisions that quickly end up in entire league adoption!


Any club can come to your meet and enjoy the benefits of Swimmingly free of charge. There is no additional work required for you as the meet host.


The host club can use Swimmingly even if they’re not a customer!  There’s no additional cost or work required.

Because we truly believe in the Swimmingly experience, we will always help get the other teams set up if they want to test the waters : )


Just use the device already in your pocket and download the app for free. Volunteers then use your club’s credentials to log in.

Here is a best practice that many of our teams do prior to the start of each season:

  1. Huddle your parent volunteers at registration night or just a fun wine night : )
  2. Ask them to dig through their drawers to see if they have any old devices laying around
  3. You will be surprised with the number of devices that are donated to each pool this way!


Dropping one device (i.e. a timer) and adding another in its place is simple. This can happen at any point during a meet.


You can fill in lanes during the swim meet and make any changes you want to save time. Swimmingly let’s you make any changes during the meet without any additional work.

It is not uncommon for a heat to have only one swimmer. With the Dolphin system, there’s nothing you can do and the athlete has to swim alone. With Swimmingly, you can easily move swimmers and change heat/lanes to compete next to this swimmer–no additional work required.

Also, we’re an app! Using Swimmingly is as familiar as using your own device. This means purchasing obsolete hardware is a thing of the past.

Questions? Get in touch!

(866) 377-7946

Email: team@swimmingly.app

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